Monday, February 15, 2010

MogileFS with Postgres

First of all, you need Postgres version 8.2 or newer since mogdbsetup refuses to run with older versions.

Anyways, I spent a quite a bit of time trying to install MogileFS with Postgres. I was getting "Can't create temporary test database:" errors. The answer was in the ~/.cpan/build/mogilefs-server-2.34/blib/lib/MogileFS/ file. The temp_store subroutine was defaulting to MySQL...

Here is the setup step by step on my Fedora 12:

yum install mogilefsd
yum install mogstored
yum install perl-CPAN // if needed
yum install perl-MogileFS-Client perl-MogileFS-Utils
yum install perl-DBD-Pg
yum install perl-IO-AIO

Setup services.

chkconfig --levels 345 mogilefsd on
chkconfig --levels 345 mogstored on

Setup a test database to be used during compilation.

$ createuser -SRlD mogile
$ createdb -E UTF8 -O mogile tmp_mogiletest

Setup environment variables for testing

$ MOGTEST_DBNAME=tmp_mogiletest

Download and install MogileFS::Store::Postgres from CPAN. (This is going to download the whole mogilefs-server package)

$ cpan
cpan> install MogileFS::Store::Postgres

Setup database

template1=# create user mogilefs with encrypted password 'password';
template1=# create database mogilefs with owner=mogilefs encoding='UNICODE';

Run mogdbsetup

mogdbsetup --type=Postgres --dbhost=localhost --dbname=mogilefs --dbuser=mogilefs --dbpass=password

Setup config

db_dsn DBI:Pg:dbname=mogilefs;host=mogilefs-db
db_user mogilefs
db_pass password
conf_port 6001
listener_jobs 5

Start tracker
service mogilefsd start

Update mogstored.conf

Define hosts and devices

mogadm host add mogilestorage-1 --ip= --port=7500 --status alive
mogadm host list
mogadm device add mogilestorage-1 1
mogadm device add mogilestorage-1 2
mkdir /var/mogdata/dev1
mkdir /var/mogdata/dev2
chown mogstored:mogstored /var/mogdata/dev1/
chown mogstored:mogstored /var/mogdata/dev2/
service mogstored start

Define domains and classes

mogadm domain add domain1
mogadm class add domain1 class1 --mindevcount=2

And don't forget to clean up the test user and database.

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